La Trouvaille < Fait de trouver avec bonheur ; chose ainsi trouvée > means 'the treasure'. Come and join us on a treasure hunt!


The name "De Maere" has been known in the jewelry and goldsmith world in Belgium since 1899. Hector De Maere started his own jewelry business in 1899, and since then this has been passed on from generation to generation. After Hector, Julien (1945) and Frank (1982) De Maere, it is now the 4th generation - Lauren De Maere - I am part of. With the exclusive and high-end factors in mind, we offer collections with a personal, upbeat twist.

Lauren De Maere  2021 - Lauren De Maere 

L'atelier de famille

We find family values very important and we are a genuine family business. With almost 40 years of experience in the world of jewelry, my father works as a certified goldsmith, gemmologist and jewelry justice expert within La Trouvaille.

Together we create our own designs in our atelier in Knokke, Belgium and each piece of jewelry is carefully made and provided with a certificate of authenticity.

La mission

Using the motto "every piece of jewelry tells a story", we offer only 18 karat jewelry, because quality is our highest requirement. Our pieces can be devided in three different categories: "Amoureux", "Artistique"," and "En Couleurs". Besides this collection, we offer a broad Vintage Collection, as we love treasure hunting. Every piece is carefully examined and every La Trouvaille piece comes with a certificate of authenticity with the description.

We are on a mission to expose beautiful treasures to the world! 


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